What’s The One Thing That You Need To Happen Over The Next 12 Months?

Business owners need simplicity.

There are always a dozen urgent items demanding their time & attention every day.  Business owners often reflect on the period (year, quarter or month) and identify the same challenges.

To simplify things I ask a straight forward question – “What is the one thing that needs to happen in your business 1 year from now that would result in you feeling totally happy with your business?”

The typical scenario is that this 1 thing has been the same 1 thing for the past 6 months or 2 years.  And the reasoning is generally the same – that the business owner has been too busy working ‘in’ their business;  they’ve not disciplined to deliver on that 1 most important item.  And in most cases they don’t have a mentor or coach.

Make this the year of no excuses.  Life is too short, and you deserve better.  Connect with a proven and successful coach.

Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and business owners, according to a panel of growth experts:
  • Passion and a strong desire to win
  • Humbleness
  • Road map to what drives customers to buy their product/service
  • Fail upward experience…rapidly, but with perseverance
  • Always understand the competition

The most common characteristic of those entrepreneurs & business owners who failed…

  • Not connecting with a proven mentor or coach

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