One-on-One Business Coaching

Your coach will work with you one-on-one, and any of your management team members.

We typically start with a complimentary coaching session.  This time is optimized when we can provide you a list of questions to answer before we meet.  This meeting can be in-person, via phone or skype. Once we’ve discerned there is a good fit, we provide a standard agreement outlining deliverables of both parties. This includes a confidentiality agreement. You’ll find we are exclusive in your industry and geographical area. We will not coach competing businesses in the same market.

We ask a lot of intentional questions and LISTEN.  Listening enables us to ask the next most relevant questions as opposed to provide the answer.  We will explore a variety of solutions and their respective implications.

We utilize different tools and methodologies, but our approach is custom to you, your business, and what’s needed. Examples include the use of Myers-Briggs, DISC, Strength Finders, and the Enneagram for enhanced communications, talent assessment, team development, and the like. We will build budgets and put the CFO hat on every month to assess results relative to expectations. Other tools include development of KPI’s and reporting, breakeven analysis, profit equation with means to improve top and bottom-line results, 1 Page Strategic Plan, Time Management, SWOT Analysis, Strategic Marketing Plan, and more.

Team Development

This program is geared toward developing trust and building means to facilitate synergies where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Fractional COO and CEO

Jeff serves as a fractional COO or CEO for organizations where the owner(s) prefers to put her/his strengths to work ‘in’ the business, or when they desire to be a silent owner or investor.

Jeff also partners with experts in various functional areas when required. These include fractional CFO services, CPA and tax planning, bookkeeping, payroll, HR, benefits, legal, etc.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is scheduled based on demand, and typically comprises between 6 – 12 small business owners who convene every two weeks for a period of at least two hours to work on their business.

Jeff also facilitates mastermind sessions with like-minded professionals to advance strategic thinking & actions that result in collective growth.

Leadership and Management Development

This program is tailored to the experience level and aptitude of the audience.


If you desire a dynamic speaker on broad or specific topics that involve people and/or organizational optimization, reach out to Jeff to explore fit.

Are you ready to explore? Are you ready to transform your outcome?