The Main Thrust Behind Business Ownership is Freedom…So Why Are So Many Consumed By Their Business?

Many business owners are attempting to succeed on their own.  However, identify the successful business owners & entrepreneurs, and in the majority of those cases they have a mentor/coach.  The 90% failure rate (source: SCORE) is attributable to several factors, but primarily not getting the help needed.

  • Are you maximizing your potential?
  • Do you have the necessary discipline?
  • Do you have a clear strategy?
  • Do you have clear goals?
  • Are you executing flawlessly on those goals?

For many small business owners, the answers are ‘no’ to the above. Hence the 90% failure rate.

Let’s focus on getting more into the top 10% who truly succeed…

My aim is to help more business owners reach the exceptional 10%.  Effective coaching is helping someone reach their maximum potential.  Whether that’s Tiger Woods with his golf coach, or the business owner of ‘_______’, a coach challenges, brainstorms, pushes, motivates, holds accountable & educates;  and sometimes this is pushing the owner outside of his/her comfort zone.

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