What You Will Receive

When you invest in yourself with Ascend Business Coach you will have a loyal colleague who only has your best interest in mind and heart. Your coach will uniquely understand your business and help you achieve more.


You will...

  • receive a trusted mentor, advisor, and confidant;
  • have an effective listener who empathizes with your circumstances, and you will see a better future;
  • collaborate and create a path toward your desired results;
  • receive brutal honesty, and complete support;
  • see the impact of your decisions through the eyes of your customers, employees, partners, etc. It is only about you and your success with no other agenda;
  • receive ideas and insights from successful and failed experiences across a multitude of industries;
  • learn to lean into certainty while understanding uncertainties. If you’re bold enough you will likely experience some failure, but with critical learning to do it better next time.

We will confront the hard times & challenges together.

...while upgrading

We will work on you and your business...

We will understand your past and present, and outline compelling goals for your next chapters. We will dive into what makes your business work, your challenges, and your opportunities. We will assess your people, processes, and systems.

We will assess your people, processes, and systems. And we will dive into the views, behaviors, actions, and more that have held you back; and explore the right habits for you to achieve more and optimize your potential.

Financial Analysis

Identify & produce the right financial reports; and the learning & discipline to read/analyze key reports and understand drivers of desired results


To create an environment where your team is excited to come to work every day to make a difference


To acquire and retain the right talent

Time Management

Ruthless prioritization; where and how to focus time and effort for the biggest yields; where to say no as opposed to a resounding yes to that which is important


How to develop a thriving organization, create a compelling vision, inspiring your team, and more


Identification & incorporation of the right habits, and the discipline to stop the wrong habits


Entrepreneurial Operating System has benefits for many organizations; and 4 Disciplines of Execution are about ruthless prioritization and executing on the right goals and strategies

You will grow confidently in your decisions...

You will act boldly, and not enable fear to drive actions. You will have a definitiveness of purpose, and a clear path to achieving the results you seek. You will learn persistency and not to quit.

You will be challenged on any limiting views. You will glean understanding of what it takes to achieve your best…by addressing the time, effort, possibility, market, capital (human and intellectual), energy, tools, etc. required.

We will ultimately cover and plan for important items, including:


Over 1 - 5 years, possibly to include your exit
Develop a clear vision and goals/strategies to deliver
Business Model


Identify the values and behaviors that comprise your culture
People Strategies
Brand and Unique Selling Proposition


A commitment to your results and success
Financial Wherewithal
Tactical Execution


Accountability for your commitments
Defined Processes
Defined Systems


Develop the disciplines necessary for you to reach your optimal potential and breakthrough barriers
Identify right start habits to replace the unproductive stop habits


There are four different programs, each with varying time and commitments to  your business and growth. The programs range in cost from $750 to $2,500 each month.

Our agreement has no long-term commitment.  There is a simple 30-day notice from either party if it turns out not to be a good fit.

You determine the best day(s) and time to meet, frequency, and the optimal venue…whether in-person, via phone or zoom.

We will work together to outline your aspirations and goals. We will explore your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis), both from an internal and external perspective. We will identify the factors that have led to your relevant successes and failures.  We will identify the habits of you and your team that either hinder or enable success, and outline stop and start habits going forward.

We explore the best means to hold you accountable to the right habits and deliverables, and that starts with ‘commitment’ language.

We’ll have an agenda for each meeting with clear goals and deliverables. But we'll be flexible to address any issues on your heart or mind to ensure focus and alignment.

We meet you where you are. It is important to glean your aspirations with your business and why. We care about how the business feeds your personal aspirations. While there may be some quick hits or low hanging fruit, coaching should be about transformational change.  If you need help with sales, marketing, operations, customer experience, finance, staffing, or the like, we have solutions.


Are you ready to explore? Are you ready to transform your outcome?