The Top Frustrations For Business Owners

Are you among the many business owners/entrepreneurs who often feel as though they’re taking two steps backward?
In Gino Wickman’s book, “Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business”, he outlines common frustrations. Five of these frustrations are:
  1. You don’t have enough control over your time, investors, the market, or your business – the business is simply controlling or consuming you
  2. All constituents have their own agenda – they don’t understand you, listen to you, or care about your desires
  3. Constant profit and cash flow shortages – it’s a persistent challenge to make the margins and find the $$ needed
  4. Constantly bumping into the growth ceiling – you can’t seem to break through to the next level
  5. Conventional strategies don’t seem to work for you – there are no quick fixes, and you’re becoming pessimistic about the future
It is a fact that ~ 85 – 90% of startup businesses are dead within 10 years, so these are real challenges. But there are real solutions.
It’s a different challenge every day in the life of a business owner/entrepreneur. It is frustrating, especially when you don’t see a way out of it.
The good news – there are┬áSOLUTIONS:
  • Vision – is your future compelling to you & your team?
  • People – are you surrounded by great people? You can’t build a great company without the right help (including having the right people in the right seats).
  • Issues – How are you capturing and addressing the right challenges hindering you from accomplishing your goals & vision?
  • Data – Do you have a handful of key metrics at each level of relevant success? This helps avoid managing to emotions and the ‘urgency’ created by others.
  • Process – Are each of your key elements identified, documented & regularly evaluated?
  • Traction – You gain traction (forward progress) by executing well with keen focus on time management, discipline, and accountability.

Don’t go it alone. Here is client feedback regarding their coaching experiences:
  • “I feel challenged in my thinking & acting, and I have a true partner who cares about my success”
  • “I’ve successfully kicked the bad habits to the curb, and my right habits are aligned with much better results”
  • “Jeff asks all the right and tough questions. He is genuinely curious, and identifies what gets in the way of my success”
  • “I’ve transitioned from being consumed by my business to leveraging the business for more freedom”
  • “I have lost my anxiety, and now have better confidence and peace. I also sleep much better now.”
  • “The path we’re on now is rock solid and I am more motivated”
  • “Jeff understands me and my business better than I do”