Beliefs & Guiding Principles

"Strive to be better by continuing to educate yourself and try new approaches to achieving your goals." John Locke

The best fit for business coaching is a business owner/entrepreneur who has been in business for at least a year and is producing revenues annually between $750k to $25mm. You should be coachable. You should be prepared to be challenged in your thinking and acting.

Focusing on the critically important things with ruthless prioritization is a key ingredient to success, along with developing the habit of spending less time on the perceived urgent matters.

An organization’s culture eats everything else (business model, goals, strategies, etc.) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Successful organizations are always recruiting, even when there are no open spots.

Systems are about perpetually improving effectiveness, efficiency, and more. Continuous learning and continuous improvement are essential.

A bias toward action with the balance of risk-reward analysis – always understand the tradeoffs of every decision.

Christian values prevail, even for business coaching – “do all the good you can, by all the means you can, to all the people you can”.

Time and opportunity wait for no one.  No regrets.  The decision to do something different requires awareness, guts, and openness – to learn and explore if there’s a better approach.

Coaching should inhibit any procrastination; instead, effective coaching should enable creative thinking, growth, and for the recipient to achieve ultimate freedom by optimizing self and business.

I take more responsibility than the authority granted.

A compelling purpose trumps logic, which trumps emotion.

We believe...

... Every decision a business owner makes will impact the success or failure of the business.  We believe personalized learning and exploring should be part of working ‘on’ your business, and should be intentional and routine.

... We’re stronger together than we are going-it alone. An objective partner is someone who challenges your thinking and actions.

... An effective business owner should be leveraging their business to live a more fulfilling life.  Alternatively, we see a good majority are consumed by their business.  Too many have created nothing more than a job for themselves that does not reward them as they envisioned.

... That each of us has a compelling purpose, and that finding that and living it requires intentional reflection on your ‘why’.  We believe in living with no regrets.

... In ruthless prioritization on that which is important, but not urgent.

... In providing awareness, education and insights; and challenging the thinking and actions of our clients, along with serving as an accountability partner and providing the best outcome for elevated results.

... You owe it to yourself, your team, your family and your business to invest in yourself through a coach who will help you achieve great things.

Are you ready to explore? Are you ready to transform your outcome?