When You Began Your Business, Didn’t You Expect More?

More of what?
  • More Money?
  • More Customers?
  • More Time?
  • More Reliable Employees?
  • More Freedom?

Business ownership is tough, proven by the small number of successful ventures at only 10%. But those who continue to make improvements always & work on their business tend to fall into the highly successful bucket.

Being that most owners are smart folks, they believe they can go it alone. However, that’s proven to be one of the many reasons for failure.

The successful owners/entrepreneurs surround themselves with the best people, including a mentor or coach.

The myth about coaching is that a good coach will get immediate results.  The reality about coaching is that it’s for those who are seriously ready to achieve better results.  But it’s also about being open to changing…habits, disciplines, etc.  And this can be accomplished within 30 days; or others it takes 9 – 12 months.  A good coach is about creating the right habits as an owner to yield success.  For some, this is never-ending.

Even the professionals, like Tiger Woods, recognize the value of having an expert challenging, tweaking, motivating, critiquing, and improving his swing and overall results.

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