Building A Great Organizational Culture Starts With You

Organizational Culture has been said to eat strategy, execution, performance, and everything else for breakfast, lunch & dinner.
Don’t you believe the perceptions, assumptions & beliefs of team members drive behavior? And don’t you believe the collective behavior of employees determines results?
We’ve seen 1st hand with multiple clients the critical nature of establishing values such as trust, clarity in vision (including the WifM – what’s in it for me?), expectations of every role, accountability, effective communications, and the like. And when the team sees leaders exemplify the behaviors it facilitates consistency & enables adaptability with parameters. The net difference with these organizations is employee satisfaction & motivation levels are high, resulting in sustainable growth.
Measures of an effective culture include:
  • Strong retention rates of good team members
  • Participation levels (input, ideas, innovation) from staff is high
  • Low call-out/sick levels
  • Your team is excited to come to work every day, and leaves feeling valued
  • The team is working on opportunities as opposed to often solving problems
  • Employees treat each other with respect
  • Team members see performance results & values being held accountable consistently…at every level (including leaders)

Have you seen or felt these situations? Ready for some help to transition to the culture that is rewarding to you & your team, or might you be ready to avoid these negative disruptions?



More Success Is Attainable…
It starts with recognizing it takes solid people around you. Most successful professionals in all vocations partner with a coach to elevate their performance.
Perhaps it’s time to partner with an experienced adviser/coach…a coach who challenges the way you think and act; a coach who holds you accountable to your commitments; a coach who provides a plethora of education & awareness, and a coach with only 1 agenda: To Optimize Your Potential.