The Leadership Quality That Destroys Organizations…

CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and business owners all strive, through leadership, to create the best organizations. Arrogance turns out to be one of the most often cited quality’s among leaders who destroy their careers, their businesses, and their dreams.
Might you be self-sabotaging your organization?
While confidence is a necessary quality of leadership, the best quality might be humility. As Jim Collins writes, level 5 leadership is comprised of humility and will, and both are required to elevate an organization from mediocrity to sustained excellence.
The source of arrogance tends to be fear or belief of knowing all. These so-called leaders are not perpetually learning, not coachable, and impair their organization’s ability to thrive. Effective leaders demonstrate humility, and recognize there is more to know; arrogant leaders know all. Confidence is needed, until it crosses the line.
  • Confidence: Self-belief based on tenure or track record, which ultimately is the brain’s way of self-acknowledgment in a field or perhaps of a skill set. A feeling of reliance or certainty.
  • Arrogance: A highly manipulative trait where a person believes himself to be superior to others, but without any real merit or accomplishments to support it. Aggressively assertive or presumptuous.