Are You On The Left or Right Side Of This Paradigm?

Not talking politics today, but leadership & business success. When you view the two paradigms below, which set of characteristics best describes you?
For those with the desire and will to change, more _______ (fill in the blank yourself) is right in front of you. Do you need help to become the best you? Does your business need help to become the best version of itself?
More Success Is Attainable…
It starts with recognizing it takes solid people around you. Most successful professionals in all vocations partner with a coach to elevate their performance.
Perhaps it’s time to partner with an experienced adviser/coach…a coach who challenges the way you think and act; a coach who holds you accountable to your commitments; a coach who provides a plethora of education & awareness, and a coach with only 1 agenda: To Optimize Your Potential.