An Exit Strategy Is A Necessity đŸŽ±

We’re not talking about an escape room. We’re talking about an intentional path for a business owner or entrepreneur that can provide ultimate freedom.

An exit strategy gives a business owner a way to reduce or liquidate his stake in a business and, if the business is successful, make a substantial profit
Top reasons for exits typically are driven by one of the following:
  • Retirement
  • Planned Exit
  • Health Related
  • Change of Interests
  • Lack of Growth
  • Unexpected Offer
  • Need to Raise $$
  • Wanting/Needing to Spend Time with Family
  • Dissolved Partnership
Every business owner/entrepreneur needs an exit plan, even if it’s to plan for unexpected. We help business owners to leverage the business (today and tomorrow) to live a more fulfilling life, as opposed to being consumed by it.
The Path Forward – several clients have exited to become instant millionaires. Here are the key themes to increase value:
  1. Businesses which have scaled beyond a total dependence on the owner
  2. Proprietary products, services or processes
  3. Strong, remaining management
  4. Defensible, differentiated market position
  5. Stable, diverse customer base
  6. Recurring revenue business model
  7. Business growth (opportunities)
  8. Strong operating margins
  9. Manageable business risk
Consider your position. Don’t you believe you can, and should, recognize more from your business? Let’s get to work.