“An effective coach is someone who tells you what you may not want to hear, helps you navigate around your blind spots, and helps you identify opportunities…so that you can be who you’ve always known you can be”

Jeff Samford


Jeff Samford has been coaching and optimizing the potential professionals since 1990.  He works with business owners and executives who desire more.

Jeff has served in a variety of executive leadership roles for medium and large organizations, including multiple Fortune 500’s.  He is a charismatic leader who has facilitated change and growth in all sized organizations, including non-profit and Board development.  Jeff has successfully led organizations in the areas business development, marketing, sales, operations, and the like.

Jeff is committed to serving.  In the Richmond, VA community he chairs a golf tournament that raises ~ $30,000 annually for local charities.  He serves as softball tournament director for Virginia Special Olympics.  Jeff volunteers in a variety of leadership roles at church, including serving on council, as a worship leader, finance chair, bible study facilitator, and more. And he is the president of West Richmond Businessmen’s Association, a non-profit social organization.

Jeff has been a featured speaker for career professional’s groups, business leaders and continuing education sessions, and aspiring business startups.

When he’s not coaching, you can find Jeff reading, listening to podcasts, exercising, golfing, or with his family at the river or exploring God’s many creations he has gifted us all.

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