“Most professional athletes leverage a coach for feedback & tweaks, to gain advantage on the competition, and to maximize their potential”

The optimal fit is a business owner/entrepreneur who has been in business for at least a year, and is producing revenues annually between $750k to $25mm.

Additional Considerations:

Are you coachable?

Are you interested in investing in your personal and business success?

Are you ready to spend valuable time ‘on’ your business?

Are you ready to be challenged…to achieve more?

Are you ready to enhance your leadership skills and effectiveness?

Are you interested in continuous learning?

Are you interested in developing strategies and tactics that optimize you and your business?

Do you believe your business and your life could/should be better?

We meet you where you are.  It is important to glean your aspirations, while understanding your strengths and weaknesses.  While there may be some quick hits or low hanging fruit, coaching should be about transformational change.  If you have a need help with sales, marketing, operations, customer experience, finance, staffing, or the like, we can absolutely help you.  But these are typically short-term fixes to bigger challenges or opportunities.

Time and opportunity wait for no one.  No regrets.  The decision to do something different requires awareness, guts and openness – to learn and explore if there’s a better approach.


You are not a good fit for our coaching if you fall into any of the below categories:

You are closed-minded

You know all the right answers

You do not have the ‘will’ to change

You are satisfied with current and projected results


Are you ready to explore?

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